My album ‘Liv in Luv’

I had my first album of original Hindi songs released in Mumbai India last year! It was released by a record label called SSA! I am excited to tell you about it! It contains love songs – all from different moods! All these compositions are a fusion of Western music with either India pop or Indian semi-classical.

Let me give you an idea about the individual songs here. However, if you would like to skip the song descriptions, you can just take a FREE preview (a snippet) of these songs, by clicking on the picture below:

1. Dil Yeh pagal Dil: This is my favourite, and has been very well-liked in the Mumbai music industry as well. It talks about a heart that is crazy for love, and searches for true love all over the world. The composer was visualizing a ghazal-style rendition. Howwever, when he listened to my delivery style (more of Western pop / jazz style), he absolutely welcomed it. He often says that this song is composed by me, even though he is the actual composer, and I only gave it a different shape than what what he originally had in his mind! I enjoyed singing it, and some of the harkats (runs and trills) were extempore, imagined and delivered at the time of recording!

2. Neele Neele: Another favourite of mine – this speaks about a young lady who is escorted to a dreamworld of love by the shadows of clouds that hang low from the sky. A dance number – this is a very upbeat and happy song with a harmony chorus bringing in a special dynamic. Again enjoyed singing it!

3. Anshu Nehi Yeh: This song is about the pain and tears that go hand-in-hand with love. It compares the tears of a young lady in love with pearls originating from pain. You will note a change in my tonal quality here. It is much softer here than in the earlier numbers to bring in the effect of sadness and tears. I received quite a bit of coaching from the composer and the recordist about how to maintain my tonal quality consistent throughout the recording of tis song. It was a very educational experience for me!

4. Lage Re Nayen: While the earlier numbers were a mix of Indian pop with Western style, this was very unique in that it is a mix of a traditional Indian geet arranged on a backdrop of Western beats! If you love such new and experimental music, you should consider listening to this one (and also the next track – but more about that later!). This song is about new love where it is difficult to turn your eyes away from your loved one even for a split second. Overall, this is a very lovely song. I especially love the climax, where the song builds up a crescendo.

5. Jaye Baso Pardes: This is more of a traditional Thumri set on a Western theme. A lady pines for her lover, who has gone overseas. It was really fun and exciting and challenging at the same time. This is because this rong is very rich in melody, harkat (i.e runs and trills) and expression. So, delivering the delicate nuances against a Western beat was not easy, I must say. However, this song also has received a lot of acclaim amongst music critics in Mumbai. I surely could have done better on this song. So, I think, it’s probably the concept of the fusion of Thumri with Western that they admired.

6. Mujhko Manzur Hai: This may be considered as a typical Bollywood love song. The arrangement is also traditional Bollywood style. This song reflects the emotions of a lady who is experiencing the initial stages of love, where often silence and passing glances are the language of communication. It is a very melodious song, and I enjoyed singing it!

If you will like to take a FREE preview (i.e. listen to a short clipping) of these songs, please click on the picture below. I would love to know what you think. Thank you very much for leaving your valued comment!

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A taste of Liv in Luv

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