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1. Thodasa Thehro

It is very likely that you have heard the scintillating song from Victoria No 203 called “Thodasa Thehro”. If I ask you about the singer, most of you will probably recall Lata’s version. As of today, it has a Youtube viewership close to 1 million.

Did you have a chance to listen to the remix version sung by Shreya (current Youtube viewership of less than 1700 – unbelievable!)? If not, don’t deprive yourself any more – shut off all ambient noise and play the video right now!

Here is my suggestion: First just play the whole song and enjoy it in your own way! Before you listen to it again (yes, I am pretty sure you will), let me draw your attention to a few magical moments of Shreya’s delivery:

At 0:48 she announces the mood and alerts you to watch for more just as she pronounces the part “da” such boldly and openly within the word “Thoda“.
At 1:03 – 1:04, just listen to the seductiveness and assurance with which she says “Pura hoga” especially watch how she modifies her natural tone to make it slightly blunt.
At 1:15 – 1:17, listen for the slight cracking as she says the word “Phir“, and then relish her application of melody as she says the word “karo“.
At 1:27 – 1:31, she creates an intoxicating mood with a delay in saying the part “sa“of the word “Thodasa” and again shows a fantastic application of melody as she says “thehro“.
At 2:32, she heightens the sensuality as she inserts a pause between “tho“, “da” and “sa“, and plays with her breath in her delivery. Lata also has a similar pause but with a flatter expression (see the other song below)

She gives such a shape to the song that you can almost see it – right?

You can play the original version (sung by Lata) by clicking the link below.

Granted, there have been huge technological advancements in music. However, Himesh Reshamiya once said even if tuning can be corrected today to some extent, expression is one element that cannot be created by technology. And did Shreya inject the right balance (of quality and quantity) of expression for this song? You bet, she did!!

2. Tere Naina Has Diye

This is a very unique composition, where Shankar Mahadevan shows a high level of technical skills with the huge transition and yet a very smooth transition from his chest voice (low note) to his head voice (high note). Shreya’s voice has been processed quite a bit thoughout the song to add a lost of huskiness. However, as we all know any amount of processing cannot infuse expression into the delivery. And, there are a couple of areas, where her delivery brings a lot of listening pleasure to me!

* At 1:40, she makes a restless plea in ‘So Jana’, where an additional breathy mix shows an urgency of a lover, who is apprehensive of losing her love yet again.
* At 3:00, a slight mudki when she says the part ‘cha’ in the word ‘chahoon’ is just delicious
* I also adore the variation that she delivers at 3:18.

Are there other areas that bring out special feelings in you? Please share in the comment area below!


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