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1. Bas Ek Pal

The title song from the movie ‘Bas Ek Pal’ is the song that I mentioned in the story on my home page. Listen a bit carefully, and I am sure you will notice (I should say ‘hear’) anger and the frustration that comes from helplessness in the first part of the song. Here, the tone is harsh and the expression rough.

* However, observe that starting at 2:05, when KK starts saying ‘Mere Haat-ki In Lakeero Mein..’, the mood starts to transition to one of sorrow, and the tone softens!
* At 2:36, the tone mellows down further, and I can sense the choking emotion in the voice! My spine tingles at least a couple of times as I experience this outstanding transition in this mood-tone combination!

Enjoy it more! Will love to know your thoughts! Thank you for leaving your comment!

2. Jaane Ye Kya Hua

I don’t think this song has ever topped any popularity charts – it is a soft and flowing love song with very simple lyrics. While the composition is nice, it is KK’s delivery, especially in the 2nd antara that takes it to a phenomenal level. The lyrics are more like what you and I will use in our daily conversations than what we may typically associate with poetry. What really blows my mind and keeps me rewinding and listening to this antara ovr and over again is the way KK says certain words – modulating his voice, making silken transition from his chest voice (low notes) to his head voice (high notes) and finding an optimum tone and volume that is almost unearthly.

* At 2:54, listen how KK says the word ‘Mai’. He stretches it and uses his normal tone in the first part and a breathy mix tone in the stretched part – setting the mood of delicate love.
* At 3:06, through the very short sound ‘da’ in the word ‘Zinda’ KK brings out the feeling of awakening to the fact of being alive in love. and cherishing the priceless value that love has accorded to his life.
* Between 3:10 and 3:13, KK shows an amazing silksmooth transition through low–mid–high notes (last parts of the words ‘Kya’, ‘Tum’ and ‘Ko’)
* At 3:17, enjoy the unparallel care with which the plea ‘Sunlo’ is delivered (especially the way he caresses the last part of that word)

I bet once you listen to these parts with a bit more attention the next time, you will be hooked to this song for a long, long time. And, please do not forget to leave your thoughts in the Comment area below.


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