The very accomplished singer Kailash Kher visited Toronto to do a concert on May 18. On May 17, the organizers had selected a few local singers who would sing a couple of lines a cappella before the maestro. I sang “Saware”, and was absolutely thrilled when immediately after I sang her two lines and walked down from the stage, Kailash-ji called me, asked me what my name was, and praised my singing!!! A more amazing thing happened the next day, the day of the show, when the organizers called my dad, and mentioned that Kailash-ji had instructed them to check with me if I would like to open his concert that day! Can you believe that? I was at school, my parents were at work. However, we could scramble everything, and I did make it to this “once-in-a-lifetime” experience! More than the opportunity to sing, it was really the recognition I received from Kailash-ji that was very, very inspiring! He was also kind enough to keep a copy of my CD ‘Liv in Luv’ – Oh my God – sharing my album with Kailash-ji!!!! Is this real????

Canadian Multi-cultural Radio (CMR) interviewed Shirsha on March 19, 2012. In this snippet, Shirsha talks about her album ‘Liv in Luv’ and also sings a cappella the ‘mukhra’ of one of the album songs.

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