Why a Music Wiki?

Thank you for visting my music wiki. I am sure you and I share the common passion, simply called music. My goal is to enhance the pleasure that you derive from listening to good music. How will I go about doing it? I will explain by sharing an interesting story with you:

A month ago, so around November, 2011, my dad was giving me a ride to a concert. He is a lover of all genres of good music. He had bought me a car adaptor for my iPod, and we planned on testing it over the drive. I was playing a song by KK, and asked him how he liked it. He says he has heard it a couple of times earlier, likes it, but doesn’t find anything really special in this song. So, I explained to him what I found special in this song in terms of how the delivery mood starts with ‘frustration’, subtly moves to ‘anger’ and ultimately gradually transitions into ‘sorrow’. He listened to it again, and now he is a big lover of that song. And, every time he listens to this song with me, he thanks me for enhancing the pleasure he gets now out of listening to this song.

This started me thinking that I could probably spread this kind of joy more widely across the music loving community through this blog. They will also have an opportunity to add their thoughts, leave their notes for me and others like you to enjoy more a given piece of music. I think this concept is called ‘music wiki’. I could be wrong though! But you know what I mean – right? So, my goal is to build several such music wiki pages – one for each artist. Such a page will then have multiple audio/video snippets with my views about what in these snippets really brings me special joy!

I will start with the music wiki on KK, since it is his song that inspired me to create my music wikis. Then, I will build other ones. So, please bookmark my site or add it to your Favourites. Keep visiting to enhance your listening pleasure as well as leave your thoughts in the Comment area below to add to the joys of others like you and me!

Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,

P.S. I will be very happy and thankful if you decide to check out my album and also a few of my performances on Youtube.